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About NLCF

NATIONAL LABOUR COOPERATIVES FEDERATION OF INDIA LTD (NLCF) is an apex organization of Indian Labour Cooperative Movement established in the year 1981, working under the aegis of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. NLCF's main objective is to organise, promote, co-ordinate, help and develop the working of Labour Cooperatives for economic and social development of unorganised sector, the poor labourers consisting of economically weaker sections of the society mainly SC/ST & OBCs. NLCF is representing 44,143 Labour Contract/Construction & Forest Labour Cooperatives with their 215 District,17 State Level Federations, having membership of 27.30 lakhs workers. Presently Labour contract cooperative societies are executing the works more than 2350 crore per year. Main activities of NLCF are being run with the financial support of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.